To all Haitians

Doncarlos - July 19 2009, 7:16 AM

Frè mwen et Sèm mwen yo,

Haiti really need some new blood, new vision, and need the younger generation to get involve in haitian politics.

Where is all the young people in Haiti or overseas, we need to make some change in the political map in Haiti.

The population have been suffering for years because of absence of leadership.

In 2011 before anybody vote for anyone make sure you know their platform.

Do not vote for someone because his dad was a chef section or gran macoute sou Duvalier, or he make you think that he or she, is the best for the job. We need definitely more substance from those political leaders in Haiti.

We need new Blood, New Vision, and support each other.

We really need to work with each other in Haiti...

That's the only way...

not like those old schools boys business.For years the country have seen too many coup d'état. Now is a time to stop those bad behaviors, we cannot get anywhere with those bad attitude.

Now is a time for a better Haiti, and remember we need the new generation to get involve not those old schools boys politics, I think Haiti will do better with out it!


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Linda says...

Hmm, DCarlos, excuse me; mmm, hate to mention this, but welllll, the people your message is written to--you know the... more »

Doncarlos says...

Hello Linda Yes they might be not educated enough to know who to vote for, but if the rest of us think that they can... more »

Linda says...

Don Carlos, I'm afraid your too late. As I said several post ago, I actually do think that foreigners have already... more »