Dear Mr. President Montresor, oops! my bad! I should say Dear...

Tiba - July 19 2009, 10:12 AM

Dear Mr. President Montresor, oops! my bad! I should say Dear Son Excellence,

I don't know anything about you personally.

I have never met you before and maybe I have no plan of meeting you in the near future either, but who knows, I might change my mind.

Montresor, you keep referring to your work and all the patents you got, and so far, no one knows exactly what your work has been/is and what those patents were/are for. And my question has always been, do you really think those patents and whatever you for a living qualify you to be president?

You can't be seriuos!

I have a few degrees/diplomas under my belt, and I have accomplished quite a bit in my lifetime, could that qualify me to be president?

If so, I need to start my campaign soon.

Montresor, I am only attacking your politics, your programs and your philosophy, and I earned that right as a "natif natal" citizen of Haiti.

If you cannot stand criticism of your politics then you don't have the temperament, the dicipline, the patience, acceptance of different opinions, and the tolerance to be president, not only of Haiti, but of anything for that matter.

Montresor my first criticism of you is about the conseal of your "Identity," which don't find necessary to clarify to the Haitian people.

That kind of attitude in your part led me to treat you as a joke, a chalatan, a fake, a scamer.

You use one name on your website and a different name on this blog, which is which?

This proves the level of your incompetence and mediocre if you think cofusing constituents with your identity is cool then you have another thing coming.

You are running for president and not chef seksyon.

Secondly, you show this typycal Haitian temperament of "Your way or the highway" mentality over and over again.

No one seems to make any sense to you regardless what anyone says, and now you asking Zac to use intelligence to understand your plans.

Is there one person on this blog who doesn't understand what you're saying and your politics?

Even the cave man and my 3-year old nephew understand perfectly your politics and your plans for Haiti.

You just don't seem able to layoff a bit on your tone of arrogance (typical haitian mentality).

Montresor, you seem to forget one very important element in politics and that is Linda, Zac, and myself are not running for any public office in Haiti, but you are, which puts the burden of proof on your sholder.

Linda, Zac, and myself have nothing to prove and we don't owe any explanation to no one, you do.

Our job is to challenge your politics, your plans and programs in every angle, triangle, square, corner to make sure if you're the right man for the job, and I don't care if we like each other or not. Sometimes, we are allowed to use some harsh language to make our point that you would find as being disrespectful, condescending, derogatory.

This is NOT personal, this is politics.

It's a jungle out there and if you cannot take the heat then you have no business in the kitchem.

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