So tell me gera is it jealousy because you too can become a...

Zac - July 20 2009, 12:47 AM

So tell me gera is it jealousy because you too can become a naturalized citizen.

You are weak and a coward you want the "naturalized diaspora" to fight your battles for you. Stop complaining if you're such a loyal Haitian why don't you stand for Haitians too. No being the coward and ignorant fool that you are you're afraid.

They won't deport you for standing up for your rights.

Gera you're a grown man why are you still hiding behind your mother's skirt.

It's time you develop some backbones and stand up like a man.

Yeah you will sell your soul to the white who cares nothing about Haiti.

The difference between naturalized citizens and people like you is that we are smart enough to know that the best way to deal with the white man is to mingle with him and learn his ways. People like you are delusional you think it's best to keep your archaic ways.

That delusion is so typical of Haitians.

They say Haiti is a free, independent country yet it's the international community that makes every single decision for you. They feed you and tell you how to behave.

Is this really independence?

Here you are bashing Naturalized citizens yet you want them to fight your battles for you why because you're a coward and have no character.

If you're such a proud Haitian why aren't you leading the protests.

the other day you put on a scene saying you were almost moved to tears because montressor said Haitians needed Duvalier and Aristide to move forward.

I saw right through that. No wonder both you and montressor are on the same boat heading for the cascade down the river.

believe me it's not about power.

Seeing how dumb you and other Haitians politicians are it would be very easy to grab the power from you. And besides what power did they already gave it to bill clinton An American.

I am personally going to tell Bill Clinton your new master to give 5o lashes everyday so you may learn common sense.

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