Gera Bougui Bougui it's not fair to put foreign policy dealing...

Tiba - July 20 2009, 6:51 AM

Gera Bougui

Bougui it's not fair to put foreign policy dealing on the sholder of the diaspora.

The diaspora is not in charge of foreing policy and never will be. The same goes for the citizens of any country.

Civilians/citizens of any country can only help to shape foreign policy provided their government include them in the politics process of their country, which is not the case with Haiti.

Nonetheless, even when the government has excluded the diaspora from the political process and from the internal affairs of their country, the diaspora had help many mass protests in the past on behalf of Haiti.

Bougui, you could not expect the diaspora to hold big protests against the Dominicans when the government was silence.

There wasn't much the diaspora and the people could/can do if the government doesn't provide the necessary leadership.

Bougui, as a naturalized diaspora, I called the Haitian embassy in Washington DC. to find out about the government position on the situation, the phone was slamed on my face and I was told very abruptly to call Dominican Republic.

I posted it on here since you just joined, you did not read it.

Bougui if you are living outside of Haiti, which I am sure you are, that makes you too a diaspora, and therefore, you are as guilty as the rest for staying silent.

You earn part of the blame as well.

Once again, the diaspora, the people, and civilians do not conduct "foreign policy", the government does. The diaspora, the people, and civilians can only help shape foreign policy with the necessary leadership.

And that should not be used as justification to deny dual citizenship to the diaspora.

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