Don Carlos, I'm afraid your too late. As I said several post...

Linda - July 20 2009, 1:28 PM

Don Carlos, I'm afraid your too late. As I said several post ago, I actually do think that foreigners have already taken over our country.

I think that they've done it with the aid of Aristide and Preval.

I gave several example of this in one of my previous post. But the fact that we now have an American in charge of our political affairs (Clinton), an international body in charge of keeping the citizens safe (MINUSTAH), that Canada is now in charge of our mineral development, that even our recycling is being done by another country (the Dominican
Republic), to name a few of the ones that I listed before, says that we are only fooling ourselves if we think that Haiti is still an independent nation.

The sad part about all that is that those people you want to vote, will be the first to vote for the foreign intervention, simply because they were never taught their history.

Pride comes with knowledge of history.

No literacy no knowledge of history.

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