My friend I'd like to reply to this. I am an Nigerian living...

Frank Young Iii - July 20 2009, 1:52 PM

My friend I'd like to reply to this. I am an Nigerian living in Miami with a former best friend from Anse de Hault.

Personally no one is holding Haiti except for the Haitians themselves.

I was before the housing crisis in America, a Mortgage Broker.

After 3.5 years of helping this gentleman with all of his bills (here in Miami), including car insurance, rent, all untilities, gasoline for his cars, car repairs, phone bills, food and even assisting him with his 3 childrens BACK TO SCHOOL clothes and supplies, he showed me his true color after my financial life began a rapid decline due to the housing crisis.

He began talking very disrespectful to me, he never came to my home as a friend to visit and even told others lies that I had no money, so how could I have helped him?

He even had the nerve to ask me for money to send things to his mom in Anse de Hault, also to pay his cell phone bills in Miami, while I had no food in my home to eat and my electric, water was disconnected.

Can you believe that?

This was a very hurtful thing that he did. I assisted this man more than I assisted my blood relatives.

He is a part of a growing group of Haitians in America that like to connect with Americans who have money and use them. He even asked my to assist him with funeral expenses for his deceased niece (she died 5/09).

He is not apologetic at all for anything that has happend to me nor has he ever offered to assist me with even a bowl of rice(after I showed him that I had no food).

I say that to say this, as a result of 3 lawsuits that have been successfully closed, I now have over 1.5 million dollars in my bank account which I would have loved to assisted this guy and his family in Haiti, if he would have treated my like a human being.

I did not want him to pay my bills, I just wanted him to recognize that I was a living, breathing human being that only wanted him to encourage me to get back up from my crisis.

He did nothing.

Therefore on June 19, 2009, I ended the friendship because it was holding me back and causing me to lose friends who wanted to show me love and assist me in my time of need. Now, I dont want to ever help another Haitian in my life! I have no compasion for Haitian and their cause anymore! I hate that he has made me feel this way. For before he hurt me, I would give all that I have to help the Haitian people.

So to close this, if Haitian insist on going to America to use people, its not a wonder that Aristide and Duvalier have dont what the Haitians say that they've done.


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