to my president

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hi my president rene preval, how you doing my name worlinsky louis, rene i realy love your work you done, i addor you like i do to president arristid, i miss him only i can tell you you to friendly with america you need to b care full for you and haiti.

i legth haiti when i was only 13 since then i been living in america, al lways have dream to go back home and help my people meaning one day to a president to, my playn will be security without that you cant have a country 2 will be jobs for everybody job like cleaning the roads the street of haiti built stuff creat small jobs for the kids and more addication like school specailly .and i would make jobs for the haitians whos addicated out side the country all over the world so they can come back home to bring more hopp for haiti some or ritch some poor but lunnion fait la force talk about security well special trains security s in the bussiness the street of port au prince the corners well tain addicated with degree or graduated police in the whole haiti city to citys country like out side the capital, 3 electricity 24 07 in the country schools, hospial,gren lights yellow lights also red lights in every street of haiti with cameras policess to give tikets to the speeders and to get criminals 4 its more empotant army in haiti well speciall train from cuba last creat jobs like travay la ter and finish the jobs arristid started like the university every one pay taxes and their bills toll in everywhere in haiti high way low way and bring back zero tolerance in haiti my dreams is to have a bethere haiti i put it on my life i would even die to make come true arristid to come back home no disrespect i will kill president bush for doing that and make all american=s make attlist something to go to haiti they go when they whant to whenever anytime all need to stop cause we are a independent nation like they the ricthess land they have right we also have right too please my president 2010 am plaining of return home to started on my dream i need hands help if we love to be free we will do this i love my president work with me ill do same love worlinsky louis to my country haiti cherie may god bless you all and the world thanks you can contacted me at 407 431 8401 or 321 527 1507 my email is michoue 27 at thank you.

Worlinsky, July 22 2009, 2:59 PM

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