Monsieur le senateur kelly Bastien what do you think about the...

Astre Francois - July 23 2009, 12:15 PM

monsieur le senateur kelly Bastien what do you think about the occupational of the country?

So to me this very impertinence and also this is a desordre for a country like haiti have to be this kind of situation where we have to be under the chieh of comman of the Eddy Anaby and the rest of the peoples who dont know nothing about bring peace to a tourmented nation like haiti where the nation is confuse since long time ago this the reason why until now we cannot understand each other and have respect for one another, so as you can see where a deputy have to snatched a microphone in the mouth of you so this shows you there is no respect so haitian look at haitian like nothing as long he dont have plenty moneis .Je veux mettre en relief comment que the haitian government dont respect his constitution of this country all articles in that constitution of 1987 have been violated where in the respect for the human right no respect for the poor no respect where the parliaments had voted the minimum salary for the peoples who have a job but those who dont have a job what would be their salary how they are going to eat where they are going to live under bridges so this shows me that you guys not doing nothing to help the poor so one day we all is going to pay for that then again you guys so stupid to take every body in haiti for dummy where since my grand pa was born we have 8 millions habitants until now kids are going to school they have nothing new even after so many years still the 8 million habitants in this country as gross national population ressencement or census that should be done after each crisis in a country specially a country like haiti where peoples are dying lkie DOGS or animal who dont no owner so guys let's be serious about that because the problem of haiti is not a game it is something that we take seriously because we dont have no political leader in haiti anmore so the senators the ball is in your feet so let's go dont keep saying preval, preval, preval this is you all responsability so in leogane we have a problem now so the minister of the public work have broke all the peoples housesand dont give them nothing for their dedomagement so what do you say about that to me I need to hear from on that case Francois .A .leogane

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