I agree with you.Let me give my opinion about haitian pastors...

Llyod - July 24 2009, 1:28 PM

I agree with you.Let me give my opinion about haitian pastors.

Given the fact that our country was a french colony and the
white french are catholic, their religion was forced upon us.The slaves did a fabulous job by hidden their african culture
through the image of the catholic saints.The white men are using religion to divide us.Your pastor is an apostle of the white man that don't want us to the step to liberate ourself from their control.Most haitian pastors are being paid to go
to Haiti back yard to convert our brothers and sisters.The question that we need to ask ourself is;What is conversion?What
is a so-called protestant, Jeovah Withness, Seven days, etc have in common?

They all believe that Jesus came and died for our sin' he's the son of God, if we believe in him, we'll live eternally.Why, there is so much divisions?Why the catholics are doing the same thing in Jamaica, Trinidad that were "english colonies, therefore,they are protestants, the catholics are spending money converting jamaicans into catholic.They are investing money to divide us.Respect, peace brother.

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