When is the revolution coming?

Hans D - July 25 2009, 10:10 PM

After reading this Stanley Lucas boy *UNHAITIAN* activities
After seeing those MINUSTAH boys walking our streets unpunished, committing crimes and murders and kidnapping and now bringing us Swine Flu in our country I am wondering when; when is the revolution coming?

This revolution we never had. This revolution led by another Dessalines to once and for all clear the path for a succesful Haiti.

Until when we will let incompetent, idiots and morons lead us?

Until when we will raise up and stand arms in hands in the mountains, in the rivers, in our valleys and say enough is enough.

We are at a cross road in our history as a nation and we must do this introspection that is necessary for our survival.

Gentleman and ladies now not only do we have MINUSHTA with a bunch of bresilian tugs, srilankans craps and guatemalan peasants running havoc in our country but now we have bill clinton wanting his office at the national palace...may be he will get his blow jobs with no worries
2014 is the coming of the true revolution...we will be 210 years old..

Let's push for it

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Zac says...

The only solution is a revolution but this revolution would have to be unlike any others. I'm not talking about... more »

Doncarlos says...

Hello The only revolution we need right now in Haiti, is to starting stabilize the country by create two major... more »

Zac says...

Mr. Doncarlos, perhaps you misunderstood this message and perhaps you have not read my other posts or comments but if... more »

Tiba says...

Hans D. I think we're backing on the wrong tree here. I don't think for a minute that MINUSTAH is the problem in our... more »