Make Haitian responsible.

Guyma Noel - March 2 2007, 8:48 PM

For me, the problem of Haiti is notthe problem of one person.

It is time for Haitians to take responsibility for their own problem.

We have spent all our time blaming somebody for our problem.

We have become paranoid.

I don't think President Preval alone can solve the problem of Haiti.

We always blame Dessalines because of our situations here and now. We blame everyone for our problem.

The truth is sometime they are the problem.

But I guess if every Haitian take responsibility, Haiti will see a change.

I am Haitian myself.

Now I stop blaming every single president.

Haitians, we are the problems.

Our moral has been very low. We no longer have respect for authority.

If there is no one we respect, we are a la derive.

The authority, on their part, should treat and serve people well.
The problem is both ways: 1) Haitians have no respect for authority,2 On the other side, the Haitian authority has lost their integrity by not serving the popultion well. The Haitian people have been abused by the authority.for so long that they cannot stand it anymore.

I wish to see the Haitian government restore the authority of the state.

They will do so by serving the population with dignity.

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