USA Invasion of Haiti The Positive Side

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Here is what I've been told about the US Invasion of Haiti, The positive side that we mever mention.

As Haitians we have a bad habit of ignoring the positive side of the story.

The General Hospital in Port-au-prince was built during the invasion

The new Haitian white house (Palais National) was rebuilt during the US Marine occupation of Haiti from 1915 to 1934. the first one destroyed by a bomb blast in the early morning of 8 August 1912.

Most of the National Highways (Route Nationale) that are currently in use today were built during the occupation.

There are other things still in use to day in Haiti that were built during the invation.

I hope someone with more knowledge can help me out

John 8 45, July 28 2009, 6:58 AM

Topic: July 27 The Day USA Invaded Haiti

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Here is what I've been told about the US Invasion of Haiti, The positive side that we mever mention. As Haitians we... read more >
John 8 45, 28-Jul-09 6:58 am
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Dina Michel-wiggins, 28-Jul-09 12:22 pm
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Rose-marie, 30-Jul-09 11:17 am
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John 8 45, 30-Jul-09 3:30 pm
hi John, tanx for replying, but I don't think you understood my question, I want to know about that period. Ofcourse... read more >
Rose-marie, 31-Jul-09 2:20 pm
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