The truth about Preval

Trebu Patriote - March 4 2007, 9:40 AM

Next time, you need to show more respect and more civility in your reply.

Try to be more polite.

Try to stay cool.

I understand it is not easy to participate in a controversial debate.

But make an effort to face conflictual ideas with less emotion.

Show the readers some education and some critical thinking skills..

I usually do not answer to comments like yours I pay attention to comments that reveal more intellect, more clarity and more maturity in the reasoning process.

However I am going to make some clarifications because most of people familiar with that blog are suffering from a short term memory deficit.

The CEP was not supposed to take into account the so called "white ballots".

They were considered non valid votes.

To win the election, a presidential candidate will need to have 50 percent of the valid votes plus 1 vote.

Officially, Preval was under the 50 percent benchmark.

The Nation was ready to see Preval against Manigat and its coalition for a runoff..

Then suspiciously Preval supporters claimed they found large numbers of ballots at Ti Tanyen ( not too far from cite soleil).

We are still waiting for an investigation.

The CEP needs to clarify this before the end of its mandate.

Preval supporters took the streets, envaded the CEP headquarter, ready to burn and to kill.

To restore peace and order, Brazil which has more troops in the Minustah came out with the idea to share the "white ballots " among the candidates.

This was a brutal interference in a nation internal affair and a clear violation of The CEP rules.

At the end, Preval got the largest share of the non valid votes and won the presidency.

Preval is known for not being a good President during his firts term 1996-2001.

He was a bad prime minister under Arsitide first presidency.

He was even threatened with a non confidence vote. He had to bring some chimeres at the gate of the Legilative Palace to brutalize the members of the Lowest Chamber.

The representative of Port-de-Paix: Josue Lafrance escaped death by chance.

A bad prime minister become a bad president.

Preval did not take the job seriously.

He knew he was just keeping the power for Aristide.

Nothing was done.

Some people talked about imaginary roads being built, others talked about imaginary schools being built, others about agriculture improvement.

But we have facts and statistics that do not lie. Haiti remained the poorest country in the western hemisphere and found himself among the most corrupted nations.

If you or anyone think Preval is the "greatest" it will be better to read the report of the United Nations regarding the Index of Human Development per country.

You will see Haiti statistics and you will see by yourself if any progress has been made during the last decade of Lavalas reign.

That is the way they judge success or change or improvement.

You are not a good President because you are allowed to stay in you village after your term. It does not mean you have accomplished great things.

A good President should be able to prove things like that: decreased infant mortality rate, decreased maternal mortality rate, increase of the percentage of people having access to potable water and electricity, increase of the percentage of children able to read and to write at a specific age, increase in the litteracy rate, numbers of new roads built, increase of the national gross product, increase in the percentage of people having three meals a day, number of new jobs added, number of acres of land planted with trees, etc.

As a matter of fact it is a normal thing to stay in your country after your mandate.

I do not know any American or French President in the modern era who had to live their country.

Former head of states need to stay in their country.

If they are blamed for wrongdoings, they need to face justice.

No one is above the law.

By the way Preval was supposed to be investigated for the murder of Pastor Leroy (influent member of Deronceray political party) that took place during the first presidency..

While the Pastor was taken to an unknown destination, the kidnappers were receiving orders from the National Palace.

It is not easy to govern Haiti.


I think what is missing is a lack of will to do the real things and incompetency in terms of failure to assess the problems and to prioritize, to define the goals and the objectives, to choose the right strategy, to come up with a comprehensive development plan, to chose the qualified staff and to deliver.

Not every one knows how to lead a nation.

They just want to be President for the honor and the rewards but not to improve the living conditions of their fellow citizen.

Some of us are not helping.

Instead of pointing fingers on things that need to be done, we prefer saying things like that :"you are the greatest" "you are the best".

I agree all of us need to participate in the tremendous task of developing the country but we need to see some leadership.

But right know we are just turning in circle.

We are going nowhere.

This second presidency seems a remake of the first one. I only hope I can be wrong.

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