Astre Francois, I am asking you to please calm down before you...

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Astre Francois,

I am asking you to please calm down before you blow up another gasket.

First, it is very important that you use the rules and regulations of writing called "PUNTUATIONS" in your next message to make it easier to read and understand exactly what you are trying to say.

Second, I found you to be very arrogant and obnoxious to ask the government to talk to you, as a form of explanation, because you are being charged taxes for aid you sent to children in Haiti.

You seem to have a lot of *all man!

I get disgusted and sick to my stomach every time I watched and listened to these obnoxious so-called "missionaries" acting as if they are God, kings, and queens trying to take full control of Haiti.

You demanded an explication specifically from Preval because you feel so important and that you sit on top of the world.

Would have you demanded Obama to give you an explanation for being charged a tax fee for bringing some kind of aid to some poor inter-city kids in New Yok City?

I don't think so!

Do you really believe that you can get whatever you want to Haiti custom free just because you are giving a little piece of bread to an hungry Haitian child?

Where did you get that primitive moronic idiotic idea from?

Hey, Astre Francois, it is time that you get it through your little narrow greasy head that Haiti is a country with laws like the United States and any other countries maybe not to your liking and standards, nevertheless, it is what it is and you need to get with the program like everybody else.

Now, if you want to get off your high horse, and use the 2 small brain cells you got left, maybe you can finally get your crap to Haiti custom free.

And here's how people with common sense and intelligence do it. If their organization is ligitimate/legal, they register it with the government as a "non-for-profit" in order to benefit the custom tax free.

However, those loose missionary groups, like yours, that are in Haiti on a temporary basis use an organization that is already well established in Haiti with tax free exumption to get their supplies to Haiti for them. Also those missionaries working with catholic church make arrangements with the priest they are working with to pick up their supplies from custom for them because priests in Haiti have "custome tax free exemption" due to the power and influence of the catholic church has in Haiti.

So once again, feeding a small piece of bread to an hungry child in Haiti doesn't make you God, king, or queen and therefore, you cannot do as you please and no one in Haiti should bow to you and kiss your dirty feet either.

Got it! so, cool it!

Tiba, July 30 2009, 9:11 PM

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