Hans a lot of people think that Haiti needs a dictator, I say...

Zac - July 30 2009, 11:22 PM

Hans a lot of people think that Haiti needs a dictator, I say the country needs a strong intelligent leader.

For one thing a president cannot run a country by him or herself.

this leader needs experts in economy, security, diplomacy, justice, healthcare, education, etc...

These are the people who will become your ministers.

A true leader chooses competent honest people who are at the top of their field to work with him and help him implement his vision.

You don't wake up one day and say oh I want to be president and then you scribble down a few ideas on a sheet of paper and think that's all you need to be president.

This is what most Haitians do.

Once you have a plan for all the major problems of the country you then get the best campaign strategists to help you campaign with a unique coherent message for your constituents.

You also work hard so your party have a majority in both chambers of the legislative.

Above all else make sure the senators and deputies are intelligent, competent honest people who understand what their jobs are as senators and deputies, because you also need them to help you implement your policies once you're in office.

Most Haitians are used to barbarism and mediocrity, these are the stuff of the dark ages. Haitians need to start practicing the true modern responsible politic.

You don't need to be killing your opponents and everybody who disagrees with you, you just need a better strategy.

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