Mr. Doncarlos my sincere apologies, here I was thinking I'm...

Zac - July 30 2009, 11:51 PM

Mr. Doncarlos my sincere apologies, here I was thinking I'm dealing with someone who had common sense.

The problem is not with having senators or different political parties.

The true problem is that most senators are incompetent, ignorant and corrupt.

And the political parties don't know what they stand for and they are being run by imbeciles.

You think like the typical Haitian, you think the only solution is to eliminate people choices and freedom.

Haitians do the exact same thing in business.

Instead of providing better services and better products to their customers they burn their competitors business to the ground there by eliminating the customers options.

And yes I say again Duvalier is as much to blame for Haiti's problems.

Have you heard of the domino effect.

Well if you've ever seen dominoes fall you would know that from the time the first domino fall it takes a while before the last one fall. He started the trend, he planted the seed but as with anything it takes a while to see and feel the true effect.

You can deny it all you want and i don't care but your generation is responsible for what's going on now had the leaders in the past governed the country competently, had they invested in the country we wouldn't have been here today.

My generation will rise up and do what yours couldn't do.



I know some of you will be very disturbed by my claim. But after more than 23 years where are we people in Haiti...

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