its a lie

Lanj Andre - July 31 2009, 7:56 AM

I don't think that Haiti my dear country, the country i love and always ready to fight for need another Duvalier but we do need better government, government that cares for the people, government that puts people before hard-lining positions that do not line up with the requirement of poverty relief.

Those who claim and plan a coming-back of Duvalier plan for a coming-back of DECHOUKAJ in Haiti.

They dont want peace, progress or democracy; all they want is political turmoils that profit to no one but them. The Duvaliers are notorious for closing the country too long a time to foreign investers.

They are so corrupted that they didn't want any foreign eyes to see how they dealt with the priviledges that a human being is endowed to live peacefully on a plot of land alloted to him by his Creator.

Today the situation in which the Haitian people is living is urgent and requires an urgent solution which passes through the tactics of smart governments that will let go pride and encourage or attract foreign investers to come and invest in the country in order for the Haitian people to be able to stay home and build his own country instead of going abroad to build the country of other nations who at the end called them every name on earth.

We are not the worst nation in the world but because we always have the worst governments in the world we are treated as if we were the author of all evil the that has beeen done on the planet Earth.

It's time that our leaders mostly those in power act smartly as many other small nations are doing: Make concessions, trade, give and take; let them come. when i see what is happening on the island i now live i wonder whether its the Devil that is leading our leaders.

The tourism Industry is unproductive here. Imagine the tourists spend the whole day taking pictures of planes that are landing because they have no place to visit in the country, but they are safe, the government is friendly to them. wherever they go they give them a smile and the security is tough.But where is the problem: Keep the country clean and secured.

Reenforce your justice system, wake up the laws and make them effective, punish the murderers, invest in tourism.

We re not the only country that had dictatorships' scars.

Several countries have undergone the same process of recovery.

But too many a time our leaders dilapidate the potentiallity that the country has to build the future of the young Haitian, the one that has no hope at all. When is it that our leaders are going to remember that famous sentence of Dessalines:" What about those Indigenous whose fathers are in Africa, won't they have any wealth at all?" That a patriot's question facing a group of oppotunist whose unique interest is to become richer and richer at the expense of others.

Too long a time the kidnapper is no longer a kidnapper once he's voted for the actual president.

Too long a time the murderer is no longer called a murderer since he kills for the actual Prime minister.

Too long a time the thief is no longer a thief since he divide the spoils wirth the State Secretary of Justice.

Too long a time you do not have to pay taxes since you finaced the campain og the speaker of the senate.

Too long a time the president, the prime minister, the senator, the representative (deputy) or the mayor as soon they get elected have to go to a "papa boko" to secure their term in office selling the conscience and trust of the people to the enemy of souls, because they know that they are not going to negociate anything in favor of the their constituency or the people but in favor of their account and relations.

Too long a time if the president does not bribe the house of paliament the by-law will not pass. "Gimme a break!"
Too long a time "Filozof pa jwen-n travay analfabet ap deside pa gwo ponyet ki moun ki diyn pou bay swen la sante ou byen la jistis selman paske yo mare sosis ak gouvenman piyaje" You build them school you have to give them a chance.

This is the kind of government we need, not Duvalier, nor Aristide.

Neither do we need Michel Francois nor Namphy that has devastated the Haitian Economy and hope with the help of the fachist Republican governments.

We want change we dont want more of the former.

We want our governments to deal with the International Community not CARICOM that often qualifies us as Duck-head.We need to deal quick.

I don't care who we are dealing with Venezuelians, Americans, Canadian, Chinese, Iran, French I dont give a damn; the people can no longer handle this unbearable situation the Duvaliers and their American accomplices have plunged them in. Thay made the mess use them to fix it Mr Preval.

We are the same nation that made the 1804. That's not the first time a nation lose its so called independence, but i want this one to be dealt smartly.

Never again shall we be slaves; we may be under economic and political occupatuion but at least we want the freedom of movement.

This is what the Haitian peoiple need. You can't negotiate that. We don't need Duvalier.

We don't need Aristide we need a good and consciencious negociator you name him whatever the hell you want."You take my country, you take my people too" This is the best deal on earth.

Thank you! God bless Haiti, God bless our Nation.

God bless you and your family, Mr Preval!

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