I thaink you have called to mind a reality that no one can...

Lanj Andre - July 31 2009, 9:30 AM

I thaink you have called to mind a reality that no one can ever forget.

But our question is: who is responsible for those unhappy events.

The same government that you are asking I would say begging to stop them. There is only one solution considering hat these demonstrators are asking for only one thing: jobs and lots of jobs. The government unfortunately can't do anything, because they start wrongly.

They are too friendly to Brandt, they are too close to Mevs, they are too much associated with Accra or Madsen or Behrmann.

it's the cause.

These businessmen they dont pay a dime for electricity, customs, water, whatsoever you call it. they are exempted.

How in the world a government could work this way?

A true government that works must find a way to take in order to give. How do you take?

on the basis of consumption.

what do you do with it?

You distribute it unpartially to every inhabitant mostly those who has a need for it. Haiti is not the poorest country in the world not even among the poorest.

But because the government does not care about collecting taxes, it has become the poorest government in the world.

I bet if the president start considering every Haitian the same before the law, it will become one of the richest countries in the Caribbean.

No doubt! it's not a secret to anyboby.

So instead of asking the president to put a muzzle in the mouth of the people and a chain around their wrists, try asking him to force Mevs, Brandt, Madsen, Accra, Behrmann, etc. to pay back taxes in order to find money to create jobs. It's also great time that the people support the government in enforcing the law and the constitution because it seems that because of lack of support the government is forced to negociate with these enemies of the Sate. thank you!


konsey ak felicitation pou President Preval

salut mon president se avek anpil jwa map ekri-w pon-m di ou koplimen pou jan de travay wap fe an Ayiti se avek tout...

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