Choose someone else Prez.

Ayisyen Patriyot - May 23 2006, 1:31 PM

I agree: Alexix is not the right man now. I'd rather have Manigat.

Even though he's older than Alexis, I think his visions are beyond ages.
Why Alexis one more time, the same "laisser -Grennen"
This is not a good choice.

Mon cher President, il est temps de penser pays avant amitie ou camaraderie.

Mr Preval, please choose someone else.
Where is Verella, that young minister of public works of your first government under Aristide when he was still our Tidid?

Call Verella wherever he is. This guy was good and well-prepared.

Not Alexis.

No one trusts that guy.

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This choice sends the wrong message to those of us...


Is Alexis the right choice?

I am afraid Alexis is not the right choice in this moment. His ideas may be surraneous. His past as a prime minister...

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