My dear friend you problably in your 20s. what do you know...

Angie - August 3 2009, 12:54 AM

My dear friend you problably in your 20s. what do you know about duvalier.

I'm in my low 50 I know very little of duvalier.

I know jean-claude run the country in a way that was pleasant clean street beaches hotel.

I work as a nurses aide and some of my patient always said they know haiti and it is beautiful.

haiti used to call la perles des antilles.

Do you know pageant international took place in haiti in the early 80s. Think about how thing was at that time.Did you heard thao mrs clinton said she had her honey moom in haiti it was when duvalier was president and at that time tourist could go in any major city witout fear for anything.

my dear before you said something you need to be a witness.

What else the duvalier could be done electricity 24/7 ect.

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