Tiba, Let's first find common ground. I agree with you...

Mark - August 3 2009, 5:06 PM

Let's first find common ground.

I agree with you unequivocally that the Haitian diaspora have contributed emmensely to the cause.

However, it is my belief that more can be done. I will expound on this later, but I would like to address your point on the government.

Governments have certain roles in the lives of its people.

Good governments are able to support its populace, and uplift their standard of living.

The Haitian government is incapable of providing the basics, such as security, food, and shelter.

Haitians have been waiting over two hundred years for their government to act.

The Haitian leadersip bicker and nothing happens.

It is time for the people to act. They must act deliberately with order and unison.

I am not talking about violence, rather I am talking about using our social capacity as the diaspora.

We are a force to be reckoned with. We have "lobbying" power.

If you were to examine other countries how they have come into into dominance you would see that their people did not wait on governments to act, they acted on their own. Men such as Rokerfellor, J.P Morgan, Martin Lurther King, plus other men who created, and invented did so independently.

I also believe that we have people of such caliber in the diaspora community.

Granted that the government may have provided a conducive environment for progress to take place, but that is all we need of the Haitian leadership.

In this country the government's role is only to provide security, education, assistance to the less afluent.

Everything else is PRIVATE ENTERPRISE.

If the Haitian government could provide security in Haiti, then you would see how tourism, and investment would pick up.

Now, what I am advocating for really is an exodus of the diaspora from the U.S back into Haiti.

Why the diaspora?

We are capable of so much. Many of us live in this country for decades, and have attain wealth, status, and education.

There are many skillful Haitians in this country.

for instance engineers, doctors, scientists, lawyers, businessmen, educators, and entreprenuers We can outsource those skills back into Haiti, and build infrastructure, and educate the population ourselves.

I realize that it will not be an easy feat, but why is it impossible?

It is true that Haitians differ on many things, but we should find common ground and build on it. We all want a peacefull and prosperous Haiti, but we have to make the sacrifices to see it into fruition.

Please I welcome your response.

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