message from Mr francois Astre about what you say

Astre Francois - August 5 2009, 9:07 AM

So first of all good morning to you and to the others in your office as well, yes thank you for your suggession but you dont know who is talking to any way so before you go any farther by the way I am an haitian just like you Mr windwood Saint Preux so I am sorry if I have been wrong for asking you and president Preval who is my president I believe that I can talk to any time I want to as long it is something important so sorry if president Preval is your own president that's OK but remember that I am an haitian who work for the mission REACH OUT for the poor in bino lapointe leogane we have about 1200kids that we educate, feeding, and evangilize plus we have 80 employees that we pay every month we have a budget of 30 to 40 thousands dollars US every month so I believe you need to give us a visit down there to see with your own eyes so asking my president about something that I am a kind of strenge of and dont have any idea about that who owe me explanation my autorities first so if one tell me some thing that I dont believe who I have to turn to my president I believe, not the white man who try to help us up here so I am HAITIAN IF i see with my own eyes what heis doing is good for my neighborhood why should not embrasse him with my two arms so this not that I dont want to use the rules and regulation of the chart this is those words who are a lots to talk about so it is better to talk so you know what is inside of me and Ialso I know what do you think of me so I am sorry for asking your president to give me a little explanation about taxes for humanitarian help in haiti so you see me arrogant, you see me acting like God or King because we handle a crowm of bread to the children in a poor country so I am shocking to hear that haiti is a poor country so this is not that we are human we can talk to any one that we want to Obama is working for the American nation so they can ask him about anything the Americans peolpes wants to, so sorry you dont know to who you are talking to because we are here since 28 years since 1986 we are here in thhis country helping the haitians children benefit a bread of instruction THANK YOU SO LETS BE FRIENDS NOT ENEMIES, so tell president Preval that I am one of the foundator of the Service Plus with Jean Eude Francklin and Diclo Benissoit, so now you may have an idea of who you talk to ...God bless

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