Zac, although I think that the Duvalier fils era was better...

Linda - August 5 2009, 10:55 AM

Zac, although I think that the Duvalier fils era was better for Haiti, I absolutely don't think that we would ever want to go back to the period of Duvalier pere. The fact is that neither Duvalier or his son really did anything to move Haiti forward.

The fact that Aristide and Preval have been even worst does not mean that Haiti deserves the Duvaliers.

We deserve much better than all of those garbage for president we've had in office.

We actually deserve a leader who can lead without killing; a president who is intelligent enough to negotiate the best for Haitians both at the local level and at the international level; an individual who actually cares about the nation if not about people; a person who understand what the terms "our country" means, and intends to spend their career raising Haiti's value in every way possible.

This would be a person who is secure enough in themselves to not need to kill everyone around him like Duvalier did; a person who is not a murderous thieving whore like Aristide was. And, a person who is nothing like Preval; meaning the individual needs to have pride, dignity, and intelligence.

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