Face your Fear part 3

Jean Batiste - March 5 2007, 5:07 PM

Now that we have said everything about President Preval and Farmer president Aristide.

Now, ask yourself a question what have I done for Haiti the country i loves daily?

Am I part of anything?

Have I help those kids in Haiti that can't even go to school because clothing, books, transportation and school supplies.

Will the government listen to you maybe not but should you stop trying?

What's the future of Haiti if all us know there are problems and we don't do anything about it?

Can we built a team to go back to Haiti to do something about it or is this generation happy because they are abroad or just don't care?

I wake up everyday and ask myself these questions but maybe you guys can help me!

Jean Batiste
One man is not a team!

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Jules says...

if we can, thats a great idea. i think we should all try to help the poor kids. lets try to buy school supplies for... more »

Jean Batiste says...

I'm in the process of putting together a non-for profit organization for the kids in Haiti. I will going to Haiti in... more »

Robert Magic says...

Edy Brisseaux et moi etions a Louisiana; l'un des Medecins Haitiens celebrait son anniversaire de naissance (Daniel)... more »

Jean Batiste says...

You are right in many level but everything in Haiti is danger. We need to look beyond that and we need to find away to... more »