Linda, I don't know about you but I suspect that Andrew (Andy...

Tiba - August 6 2009, 8:19 AM


I don't know about you but I suspect that Andrew (Andy) Thomas is one of the Haitian hardliners who is against just about everything and anything that is good for Haiti, but doesn't quite really know why he is against it. He just knows that he's got to be against it and that's all.

I keep giving him ample detailed reasons why dual citizenship is a good thing for Haiti and until now, he still cannot give a detailed explanation why dual citizenship wpild be so detrimantal to Haiti and makes Haiti so vulnerable.

I have already asked him to explain to me how dual citizenship will make Haiti vulnerable, and vulnerable to what?

And till this very minute no response from him.

And you asked him the question to explain how the return of the diaspora would be detrimantal to Haiti?

All you get from him is TOTAL silence.

He honestly doesn't know why he is against dual citizenship.

I have a hard time to believe that Haitians have a much higher understanding about the negative impacts of dual citizenship than the Americans do, than the French do, than the Germans do, than the Canadians do, and many other countries on the planet do, and that is why Haiti is against it.

The insinuation sounds as if those countries that adopt dual citizenship do because they are too dumb and stupid to understand the negative impact dual citizenship could have on them.

Am I being delusional and hallucinating at the same time or what?

I know that I have been taking my medication as prescribed, never missed a dose. Can somebody please help me to understand all that?

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