Angie, Please calm down for a minute before you blow another...

Tiba - August 6 2009, 9:11 AM


Please calm down for a minute before you blow another gasket.

Hold your horses my dear!

Since you did not use any name, I don't quite know exactly whom your message is addressed to. I might be wrong, but I suspect you're addressing to either Zac or to my beloved, Linda.

However, I would apologize if it is not either one of these 2 members.

You said "how do you want to transform haiti with a population that do not know how to read and write.

I would like to see your dreams come true but you have to go to haiti spend sometimes and study the haitian mentallity.

then I think you will work from there.

You will see when we said that haiti need a duvalier to move on you will understand better" (Angie).

Angie, you seem to come on here filled with emotion like "Louis-Jean Beauje" swinging at Linda or Zac without knowing anything about them as if you are the only true citizen of Haiti who knows Haitian mentality and Haitian culture better than anyone.

All of us on here are Haitians "natife natal" like yourself.

All of us on here know evetyhing there is to know about Haiti Quisqueya or bohio.

Angie, I am comfortable enough to tell you that Linda spends more time in Haiti in just one year than you ever spent in all those years you've been living abroad, and probably knows more about Haitian mentality, culture, etc. etc...

than you would ever know in your lifetime.

Linda doesn't go to Haiti with her chest engulfed with ego and arrogance showing off all over Haiti, but she goes there on a mission to help her country in her own right.

The same would be said about Zac except I don't think he travels to Haiti as often as Linda does. Personally, I have a project in Hait and I travel to Haiti at least twice a year, that's all I can afford, and I know my native land and my people very well.

There is, however, a big contradiction in your statements, Angie.

You expressed the difficulty of transforming Haiti due to the population's inability to read and write.

And that is a great insult, for someone who seem to know so much about Haiti/Haitians.

Your statement seems to claim that the entire Haitian population is illeterate.

Very big misinformation in your part, sister.

But you're calling on either Zac or Linda to go to Haiti to study the Haitian mentality as if Zac or Linda is a foreigner trying to butt into Haiti's affairs.

What's there to study, Angie?

These 2 statements led me to ask you the following question, which is which between the 2 that constitutes the barrier/difficulty to transform Haiti, according to you, the incapability of the population to read and write or the Haitian mentality?

You said that it is very difficult to transfor Haiti with a population that cannot read and write, and yet, you're asking Zac or Linda to go to Haiti to study the Haitian mentality.

I am very confused!

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