Mark, I agree with you 150% that Haiti must give the overdue...

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I agree with you 150% that Haiti must give the overdue respect to our Creole language.

Even though you don't agree that incompetence and mediocrity are the causes for Haiti's failure, I still believe it is because when you take a look at the rest of the world, there is not one country without social and political problems, but they managed somehow to rise above it. Why can't Haiti do the same?

Prime example, Ireland was the poorest country in Europe with a myriad of social, religious, and political problems, and Ireland is today the richest/wealthiest country in Europe with zero illeteracy.

It took the Irish competence and the know-how to rise from the ashes of their misfortunes to riches.

I also agree with you though about Haitians finishing school and leaving the country, but Mark, you know as well as I do the concept of "cause and effect" theory.

If the government doesn't create opportunities for them to stay in Haiti, they are left with no other option but to leave to go overseas looking for a better life.

And, if you take a closer look at the government attitude toward its own people, you would find that the government doesn't give a rat *ss about the Haitian people and that explains why the government has been practicing a politics of "exclusion" of its people.

Take a look at countless number of people the government killed, sent to exile, demonized, and destroyed psychologically.

How would anyone not understand reasons for Haitian's attitude toward Haiti?

And the sad part is that the government is not doing anything/making any affort to fix this situation.

I agree with you, Haiti's problems are complexed, but are they really that complexed?

I do believe that's the way the government wants it to be because the situation as it is, does benefit the politicians, the church ministers/priests, the NGO's, the business community which is controlled by the elite class, and many other segments of the Haitian society.

Mark, you may disagree, but I don't believe Haitian civilians can do much for Haiti unless the government lays down the foundation for that. As it stands now, the government doesn't want Haitians to get involved in Haiti's affairs under any circumstance.

That's the way it is! I consider the government to be "THE" biggest barrier standing in the way of Haiti to progress, not the people.

In all the years that I have been in the US not once that I ever heard of a good news coming out of Haiti, it's always bad news. Don't you find that kinda odd?

Tiba, August 9 2009, 4:22 PM

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