Another Alternative to change Haiti Saidel Laine

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I know many of us look for an alternative to change Haiti.

In the "diaspora" community many of us can't go back in Haiti to run for office, but we have an alternatine, Saidel Laine.

Saidel Laine is our alternative.

For those of you who don't know who is Saidel let me give you a brief intro.

Born in Haiti, graduated in medical school in Haiti and came in 1970 In New York for his intern worked at Jewish Memorial Hospital of New York he worked also for Columbia University at Columbia-Presbytaryan Medical Center.

He is well known for his research in anesthesiology in America.

If you want to know more about him go on

He always looked back to where he is from and always encouraged people to go back and help our loving country Haiti.

He preach by act. He said it he did it. He did many projects to help Haiti like giving medical equipment ect...

The man is not a candidate yet but I believe he will be a good asset for the country.

He had contact inside as well as outside of the country.

He is dynamic and proactive.

People inside as well as outside of the country need to take a look at his profil to study his background and take a decision to support the man. None of the politician in Haiti have a plan for Haiti.

Saidel is different he has one. I really encourage all of you to take a look at his web site ""; you will learn more about him and let discuss with fact.

I am against mediocrity what we have in Haiti right now is not reflect our image, we can do better because we have better people.

Haiti has better children and Saidel Laine is one of them. He dedicate himself to help and to change this country.

Don't forget go to: to learn more about who the man is.

Go for it Patriot.

Clarel, August 12 2009, 11:22 PM

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Clarel, It is without a doubt that Dr.Saidel Laine has an impressive resume, and I applaud him for that. But please... read more >
Tiba, 13-Aug-09 8:07 am
hahahahahahahahahahhaa That's the plan that he has? as if the solution to the country's problem was a man. Just a man... read more >
Lanj, 13-Aug-09 9:37 am
Great Lanj I am not talking about one man I am talking about a man with a vision, a plan. I don't know if you look at... read more >
Clarel, 13-Aug-09 10:57 am
Carel You keep asking people to go to the website to look at Saidel Laine's profile as if he could be the messiah the... read more >
Tiba, 13-Aug-09 11:39 am
Tiba, To start Tiba let me say this openly, I really appreciate your thinking, your knowledge in this blog. I read you... read more >
Clarel, 13-Aug-09 11:46 am
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Tiba, 13-Aug-09 1:50 pm
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Banjo, 13-Aug-09 2:25 pm
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Tiba, 13-Aug-09 4:36 pm
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Banjo, 13-Aug-09 5:20 pm
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Tiba, 13-Aug-09 6:07 pm
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