Hahahahahahahahahahhaa That's the plan that he has? as if the...

Lanj - August 13 2009, 9:37 AM

That's the plan that he has?

as if the solution to the country's problem was a man. Just a man! A man and his name is Saidel Laine.

He does what for the country?

He helps the country find second hand (=contaminated) medical equipments and for that he deserves to be presidentas.

You dont know Saidel Laine yet but I am sure I know the guy you re talking about.And do not insist! Let me tell you we had the same situation in 1990 and oops they came with Aristide.

What did he do?

Nothing yet but the guy is the champion of TKL. He is an activist in Saint Jean Bosco.

We all blindly voted for him and now he puts the country in its worst situation since the end of the Duvaliers' regime.

Please we have enough idea like that. And I dont think the Haitian people will buy that from you. Thanks!


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