Great Lanj I am not talking about one man I am talking about a...

Clarel - August 13 2009, 10:57 AM

Great Lanj I am not talking about one man I am talking about a man with a vision, a plan. I don't know if you look at his background before.

If you did not go look at it. Aristide did not have a plan. Arisdite did not accomplish anything in his life he was a priest a good takler like you said. We are an emotional nation.

When someone talk very well that doesn't mean he or she can do thing very well. There is a difference between talking and acting.

I don't know Saidel but I read about his vision about his pass. In Haiti we have a tendency to dimimish what people do. What about those with a lot of money and never did anything for this country?

They are better off than him even if he gave second hand equipment?

Think about it brother.

Every little thing count.

If many of us use to do those little things the country will be better.

I don't believe you like those mediocre guys back home. I don't believe you like our situatioin right now. I believe you want something better for our country.

If you know something wrong about Saidel let discuss it. Don't put every body in the same basket with Aristide or Preval.

Don't tell me everybody is bad, don't tell me we don't have anybody who can do something better.

In the "Dispora" we are sicked and tired of the politician in Haiti.

Never accomplish anything and want to manage the whole country.

We need someone with achievment background to trust this country with. If you know a better person put him or her in the table brother.

Again I invite you to look at his profil and let discuss it.


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hahahahahahahahahahhaa That's the plan that he has...


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