Clarel, I think we are having a pretty civil conversation...

Tiba - August 13 2009, 1:50 PM


I think we are having a pretty civil conversation, don't you agree?

Except, sometimes, when I'm hungry for some rice and beans my judgment gets a little impaired, which is the case right this minute.

Anyway, Carel, I don't know Saidel personally and I don't know much about him other than what I read on his profile/resume.

That's all I have as reference point to go on.

If you read his profile/resume again there is mention of him has worked for USAID and also as you said about him getting some of his projects financed by USAID.

But Like I said again, carel, my beef with the guy lies solely on his failure to accomplish anything for the tourist industry when he had the chance, the power, the resources, and the influence as minister of tourism.

Also my beef lies on his failure, as minister of agriculture, to accomplish anything to grow and improve agrivulture in Haiti under his watch.

There are many other posts/positions he held in the government where he accomplished absolutely nothing for the country.

I cannot support someone like that for president only because of his education level.

I don't know of anyone running for president in 2011. The only one I know about is Charles Bakers.

He ran back in 2006 with Preval, but I think Haitians have a big beef with him because he is white, a white Haitian.

I think Haiti's constipation, oops! I did it again, my bad! I meant to say the Haitian constitution is against any white Haitian, naturalized, and those who are not home owners and business owners to run for any public office.

This is the Haiti that we have, the country that is still living in primitive time of dark ages and stone age, a country of exclusivity.

This is the only country that I know of, on the planet, that is striving to keep as many of its citizens out of the political process and the social life of their country as possible.

It is said that Charles Bakers had a very comprehensive plan for Haiti.

I heard rumors that he is running again in 2011 but I'm not sure if it's true.

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