Tiba, Excuse my French about Charles Bakers running for...

Banjo - August 13 2009, 2:25 PM


Excuse my French about Charles Bakers running for President in 2011 F***k him.
Would you or Mr. Bakers explain to us why he did not have or give a plan on the last elections?

Its funny how everybody is showing up looking for common vision or offering bootleg vision for Haiti without substances

My opinion is clear if all those leaders are following the Man (Montresor) who bring us the word "Vision" like President Obama's word "YES WE CAN" then he is the next Haitian President.

Wakeup people...

No one talked about "vision or plan" on the last election not even the sitting President Preval until Montresor come in the picture.

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Clarel, I think we are having a pretty civil...


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Banjo, Here we go again! why are you so angry, man...

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