Banjo, Here we go again! why are you so angry, man? Why are...

Tiba - August 13 2009, 4:36 PM


Here we go again! why are you so angry, man?

Why are you making this my personal cruisade?

I am not supporting Charles Baker for president, nor that I am working for the man, or promoting him for president.

I only mentioned him to Carel because he asked me if I know of anyone running in 2011. I am sure Carel knows about your guy Montresor because we talked about him a gret deal on the blog, and that's why I did not mention him to Carel.

Banjo, you already know where I stand with your guy Montresor.

You know very well, in my humble opinion, I don't think you guy Montresor is even close to meet the qualification to be president.

You qualified him for president on the basis of his "inventions" and him being a good father, a good family man. He is promoting himself as the greatest inventor of all time too.

Are you serious?

Till this very minute nobody knows exactly what his inventions are, and do you really believe whatever his inventions are that qualifies him to be president?

I know he believes that, but do you?

Banjo, you keep talking about Montresor's famous plan for Haiti.

Banjo I read what Montresor calls "plan" and I am here to tell you, that is not a plan and even my 3-old nephew agrees with me on that one. We usually don't agree on a lot of things, believe you me.

Montresor still has not given me a good reason to support him in his bit for president of Haiti Quesqueya or bohio.

"Nothing personal is stricktly politics!"

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