Oh look what the cat dragged in? Banjo I understand that you...

Zac - August 13 2009, 11:37 PM

Oh look what the cat dragged in?

Banjo I understand that you like Montressor, you believe he's the best candidate with the best plan. It seems you even believe that he may be chosen by God. If all that is true then tell me Banjo, why does your blood boil up every time someone mentions another potential candidate?

It's apparent that you're threatened by them, my question again is why?

If your Montressor is the best candidate with the best plan then you really have nothing to worry about.

In a democracy every candidate presents their plans then the people decides who it is they want.

Furthermore, if he's been chosen by God, (something which i seriously doubt) you should go ahead and put your champagne on ice because in that case you will have the last laugh in 2011. You ever heard of David from the bible, Jesse, David's father was bent on choosing another son for king when God sent Samuel to Jesse's house, but God would not have it. God insisted on David, and David was crowned king.

The reason you get angry and feel threatened every time someone mentions another candidate is because you're insecure about Montressor and his plan for the country.

Deep down inside in your subconscious you know he's incompetent.

You know he's too weak to deal with the competition.

You know Banjo I love to laugh and I'm sure I'm going to get a good laugh out of watching Haitians drag you and Montressor out of Port-au-Prince as you two kick and scream when someone else is elected president.

Now what would make a show like this even more enjoyable, oh i know a nice hot bowl of popcorn and a few cans of ice cold cokes.

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