It will be a blessing if Dr. Paul Farmers play an importat...

Ashly - August 14 2009, 2:37 AM

It will be a blessing if Dr. Paul Farmers play an importat roll in haiti.

First of all Dr Paul is haitian with all his heart.not because he was born in haiti because he love and continue to love his wife country.

Aplaud Dr Paul for the development he brings to haiti We should be proud of him because he was an harvard teacher as well as his wife and left all this glory behind to spend his time with the deminue.

Harvard medical school just nominate him as the DR in chef a position I don't know if he accept it or not.Quel glori to have someone like that as an assistant leader in haiti.Look at what he did for the country as well as how he continue to fight to bring more work to haiti.

I don't think that clinton choose him like that but have a main reason.


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