So what? Politic is hypocrisy, and if I'm right that Leonel... - August 16 2009, 12:02 PM

So what?

Politic is hypocrisy, and if I'm right that Leonel Fernandez guy is the Dominican president, right?

Wasn't he still the President of the DR in 2004?

Those Dominicans are a s s kissers (sorry for the harsh words).

They'll lick everybody's butt hole to make their country prosperous and let themselves be controlled by anyone who can help them.

Haitians are NOT like that, and even the U.S can tell you that HAITIANS hate to be controlled; especially in their own country.

DR was served as a training ground by the C.I.A to train low life U.S.A's puppets who happened to be Haitians to organize the coup d'etat of 2004.

I'm NOT a fan of Aristide.

I wasn't and never will be, but the DR could have stayed out of our business.

They couldn't because uncle Sam wouldn't help them anymore, so they had to bow down, got on their knees, kissed their master's feet, and agreed for the sake of their country and their prostitutes.

Good job DR. You've paid your dues. Good job for putting up with CANADA, FRANCE, and your PIMP USA to terrorize your neighbor.

A round of Applause for the Dominican Republic. (Notebookblogz Haiti)

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