Well this Cynthia does not really know what she's talking...

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Well this Cynthia does not really know what she's talking about...

she said that Haiti's poverty is the fruit of the Voodoo ceremony held in Bois Caiman...

that is non-sense speaking.

the reason why i said it is non sense speaking is there are too many country in this world where Voodoo is practiced, and yet these Countries are rich, powerfull.

The USA for example, South Africa, Brazil...

we need to blame ourselves for what Haiti have become over the past 2 centuries...

we're always fighting against each other...

(Voodoo is not to be blamed for that), our governments are most of the time CORRUPTED(again Voodoo is so not to be blamed for that).

I don't know where the hell this Cynthia found out that in the Bois Caiman's Ceremony the slaves asked the evils for power to fight off the white...

below is the prayer that Bookman started the ceremony who helped us gained our freedom from the french:

"The God who made the sun that shines uppon us, who causes the sea to rise, the thunder to roar. do you hear me. All of you. Hidden in the clouds, God witnesses the attrocities the whites commit against us. The god of the whites sanctions their crimes and doesn't care about us. But God, who is so good, orders us to avenge ourseleves.

He will direct our arms and stands beside us. Destroy the image of the white men's god who is thirsty for our blood and tears.

Listen to the voice of freedom rising in our heart."

So before you christians start to talk non-sense about the Bois Caiman ceremony, do some research and save us "Vaudouisant" the time to argue with you...

The fact that your religion is different than mine does not give you the right to think that yours is better.

Sydney Noel, August 16 2009, 1:12 PM

Topic: When will Haitians stop blaming Voodoo for...?

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Well this Cynthia does not really know what she's talking about.... she said that Haiti's poverty is the fruit of the... read more >
Sydney Noel, 16-Aug-09 1:12 pm
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