why is that?

Jules - March 13 2007, 2:01 PM

it seems like now the people of haiti have a new name "slum dwellers".

i was reading the news about chavez visit to haiti.

whoever was the reporter keep writing that "the slum dwellers of haiti line up on the side of the dusty streets to greet chavez" that piss me of cause almost every report i read they have that in there.

they have no respect for haiti, first it was "the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, now its dusty streets, and slum dwellers, shanty slum. if someone is writing about haiti they cant show respect for the country they should keep their mouth shut. thats really disrespectful, eresponsible, and stup it. please reporters give haiti a break, please

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Dray says...

Dear my friend I agreed with your comments regarding the reporters who's talking sh***t about Haiti, but let me tell... more »

Jules says...

they just trying to make us ashame of our originality, make us feel humiliated, but i wont because i know who we are... more »