Bizarre M'leve kok mwen M'ba-ou lengen! I got enough of the...

Tiba - August 18 2009, 4:27 PM


M'leve kok mwen M'ba-ou lengen!

I got enough of the nonsense, beside why should I care about voodoo and everything else that's going on in Haiti anyway, I am a foreigner, a traitor, remember?

I am no good for Haiti.

What's seemed amazing to me is to watch you and others who claimed to love your country so much, you and others who claimed to be so patriotic and loyal to your country, and yet, you are the ones going around trashing your country by scaring the day light out of foreigners who would want to travel to your country.

You want really want them to stay away from your country by claiming your country as the devil/evil country where the entire people worshiping the devil 24/7.

Here I am as a foreigner debating with you trying to make you see and think a little more objective about your own country as far as voodoo is concerned.

Don't you find that ironic?

Do you and others have any brain cells left to recognize what exactly you are doing to your own country?

Can you people, for once, stop trashing your country anymore than it already is?

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