T O MY friends in the white house in PAP haiti

Francois Astre - August 19 2009, 2:00 PM

Dear friends I am replied to you as a good friend who try the best he can to help the haitian children in haiti, so I see what you say it is true when a country is depending on the other country to give him a bag of rice and some second hands clothes trully this is not good for the population but like you say we the haitian have to take our responsability toward the need of the peoples of haiti so thank you for understand me also I am not say that you take for the rest avec or the white man little pupy so I am glad that you try to understand me so we are not fund raising we a humanitarian aid in haiti with a budget of 30 to 40 thousand dollars US EVERY MONTH so we have 1200 kids to feed every day and to educate evangelize plus 80 employees to pay, so my purposes are to help the white man to control the expense in the country make sure that the money spend right and in the good fashion where the money can be spend but the kids dont learn nothing so what you say is right but we have to work with our government help them create some new technic as we move toward the modernisation world because the school become like bolette kids only go to the school to learn how to sell bolette but not to become some one with great value to help their country also we need to talk to the government to create some public assistant for the poors as I was planning since Matide Flamber was ministre of social affairs Idid asked her to vote for 10 dollars per day for a person who dont have a job can eat so now Iask the gov 25 dollars for those who not have a job what do you think about that can you help get this law pass also I am working on find the way to get tourists to come to haiti just like bahamas ste martin aruba jamaica and all other islands in the world but can we develop tourist in a country where there is always manifestation in the streets where there are more dirty peoples in the than the clean peoples what do you think to solve this problem before we can look for tourists to come to haiti whom that I am working with the charter of Miami and Florida department of tourist to see how can we start a process of a small group of tourist can start visit the country so the others can see so they can trust the peoples in the country where there will be no kidnaping no snatching no turgs no robbing no danger at all and we have to start spend in human like build some fast foods restaurants some chineese foods some Jamican food so when the tourists come they can feel like home away from home also build some nice hotels like amadou bel rive at jacmel some good night clubs so the tourist can be enjoy themselves before they go back home so all that have be done together with no hypocrisy no jalousy no ambition no thraitand with honesty ans love for one another so please read me with patienceand answer me now I wait francois

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