Mr President I count on you

Ayisyen Patriyot - May 26 2006, 1:47 PM

You chose your man
You picked your man
Stay with your man
Stick with your wrong man
History will tell us
You've been chosen to take
This country to the next level.

If you want to play haitian politics
And ignore the world around
And the feeling of Haitians who still got love for their countr y
Go ahead Mr President.

You surely won't be taken out like Aristide because you have games
But Please let the haitian people know what you're all about.

Aristide will be back!
That's all you have to say by choosing your body Alexis.

If Aristide comes back, things are going to happen.

He's a murderer, thief, autocrat.

He will try to do things in your place.

He will order people back to their post, people that you fired for either incompentency or dishonesty.

President Preval, Please do not let us down.

Response to:

I agree: Alexix is not the right man now. I'd rather...


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I am afraid Alexis is not the right choice in this moment. His ideas may be surraneous. His past as a prime minister...

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