about february 7th 2010

Astre Francois - August 26 2009, 8:21 AM

good morning to you and to the others who are in the room with you so exuse me if I am too in hurry but my concern is that have we already prepare for the year of 2010 who suppose to a year of strategy a year where we suppose to make change and jump into the new world competition can you give me a bief idea of what he will look like in that year mentioned above is there will be any good protection for the population specially those who are far away from the lights what kind of security provide for them before the time of change to come which is 2010 so I think we have made a selection yet for whom that we should choice the country with or is president Rene Preval will have the chance to continue the power or we will have to send for Jean Claude Duvalier in france what do you think because I am very inquiert very affraid that the situation will not geting degenerate like he has been before where because of lack of security peoples has to fold up their bagages and left the country can this rebegin again what do you think can MUNISTHA remain in the country for ever or we are going to prepare our own soldiers to back up the PNH when there is riots some where in the slums areas or bidonvilles gangsters uprising what we plan to do to prevent those kind of annoying and those kind of publics disturbing what what what you guys have like plan to help the population live tranquil or you just dont care or dont give it dam talk to me

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