Answer of The Dark knights to a Blogger's Request

The Dark Knight - September 5 2009, 11:36 AM

We, The Dark Knights, received a private email from a blogger on this site and asked us what is our position in the proposed "Amendment of the Haitian Constitution" and the coming election.

We have absolutely appreciated the blogger's inquiries, and (1) About the amendment of the constitution, we have made it clear that we object the dual citizenship, the French as an official language; we want each department has its own governor; and the one term presidency; we want the president to choose- and to campaign with- his vice-president before the presidential election; (2) for the coming elections, we wish President Preval democratically succeeded by a Haitian, who has never given up his/her Haitian nationality.

We, The Dark Knight, have one mission: BRING CHANGE IN THE GREAT GOD'S SENS; We will encourage the new president to consider the prorogation of exile of Presidents Jean Bertrand Aristide and Jean Claude Duvalier and any other exiled Haitian citizens; we will end the drug traffics in Haiti; we will create jobs, we will reexamine the status of some of foreign embassies; we will upgrade the status of PNH Chief Mario Andresol while we decentralize the Police forces and put them directly under the control-- limit the power of the officers-- of the department governors; we will create a system of Federal Police; we will create a professional armed forces; we will make sure the President has its own airplane and helicopter to accomplish his mission; we will block contraband; we will watch our ports; we will bring security and electricity; we will upgrade our prison system; we will digitalize our tribunals; and many more to do.

The Great King is Coming

The Dark Knight

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Zac says...

Hey Dark knights, tell me do you aspire to be president of Haiti? Every time you post something you always talk about... more »