MOST American white are the culprit of racism

Jean - September 5 2009, 5:07 PM

Most of the white in America are the racists that cause bad reputation Haitians people around the world, not Haitians themselves.

They also the cause that makes Haitians' lives so miserable in Haiti and in their country.

That has nothing to do with Haitians themselves.

Haitians only problem is that some Haitians who come to the U.S always try to oppose another Haitian for try to stand up for himself, in another word, making a fool out of other Haitian by trying to convince the other Haitian that it is his own people that makes his life bad, and it's the rason why other countries not treating him with respect..

THAT'S NOT TRUE! The true is, the Haitian who quick to say that, is that kind of Haitian the white American use as their shield to cover for their human abuses against other Haitian.

Anyway, as you know it, every nation has its own haters and traitors.


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Vxwatcher says...

Most of the Black world is still busy complaining about the evil white man. Haitit is an afro centric culture just... more »

Jean says...

Yo, what I said is true,*IN MY OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES WITH THESE PEOPLE*, okay? I used the word *American*, *NOT... more »