I don't know much about RASTAFARIAN but SISTER, do u realize...

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I don't know much about RASTAFARIAN but SISTER, do u realize 95% of haitians are black?

When i was in Haiti, i was having hard time finding a good carpenter, electrician and mechanic.

I took my car to the dealer, i was so surprised to see that foreigners are the one working as mechanics.

Everyone in Haiti wants to be computer programmers, not technician or repairman.

Rastafarian and Islam are new to us haitians and we know that
most criminals, drugs dealears pretend to be Rasta to bring fear to their neighborhood.

You may be a good citizen but Rastafarians have been STIGMATIZED as bad people just like muslim as teorist.

We don't have ENGINEER, AGRONOMIST etc in haitiWhat we have in Haiti is a bunch of A.Hs protecting their status.Any roads construction project is leaded by a foreign engineer, the haitian ingineer is there to take orders

Llyod, September 6 2009, 3:19 PM

Topic: Against Enslavement of Haitian People

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We will all continue to suffer until we start to show compassion for one another. Our problem is not lack of money. It... read more >
Claudine, 5-Sep-09 12:13 pm
Wait a minute $1.00 american dollar=42 gourdes.It took more than a year to start any business in haiti because lack of... read more >
Lloyd, 6-Sep-09 9:31 am
You still don't see. I am 38 years old, graduated over fifteen years ago with plenty of skills. Yet, when I visited my... read more >
Claudine Etienne, 6-Sep-09 10:15 am
Rasta, wanna be jaimaca shit, I think the way they treat you in Haiti was normal. Besides, with al your money, you... read more >
Jean, 6-Sep-09 1:14 pm
I don't know much about RASTAFARIAN but SISTER,do u realize 95% of haitians are black? When i was in Haiti,i was... read more >
Llyod, 6-Sep-09 3:19 pm
Actually, I am not rasta want-a-be. I'm not a rasta and don't want to be called that either. I am a black woman... read more >
Claudine Etienne, 6-Sep-09 4:38 pm
Wrong again. I've fought to keep my Haitian Good name since the age of seven. Read my book and you'll see. I don't... read more >
Claudine, 6-Sep-09 4:42 pm
That's the irony. Huh? Black people are racist. I have a family full of them. No wonder it is said that we were the... read more >
Claudine, 6-Sep-09 4:46 pm
Since u say that you're a writer.how do you define the words "Slavery and Rasta"?.Since we haitians have no... read more >
Llyod, 6-Sep-09 5:27 pm
Hello Claudine, I've been following your posts and I wasn't quite sure how to comment. I know we would find all that... read more >
Zac, 7-Sep-09 3:12 am
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