I don't know much about RASTAFARIAN but SISTER, do u realize...

Llyod - September 6 2009, 3:19 PM

I don't know much about RASTAFARIAN but SISTER, do u realize 95% of haitians are black?

When i was in Haiti, i was having hard time finding a good carpenter, electrician and mechanic.

I took my car to the dealer, i was so surprised to see that foreigners are the one working as mechanics.

Everyone in Haiti wants to be computer programmers, not technician or repairman.

Rastafarian and Islam are new to us haitians and we know that
most criminals, drugs dealears pretend to be Rasta to bring fear to their neighborhood.

You may be a good citizen but Rastafarians have been STIGMATIZED as bad people just like muslim as teorist.

We don't have ENGINEER, AGRONOMIST etc in haitiWhat we have in Haiti is a bunch of A.Hs protecting their status.Any roads construction project is leaded by a foreign engineer, the haitian ingineer is there to take orders

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You still don't see. I am 38 years old, graduated...


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