It's hard to say but it works

Robert Magic - March 16 2007, 1:22 PM

In order to move forward, one needs to forget about certain people.

Anyone, working at same level with them will walk backward instead of going forward.

You just can't make them understand because they don't want to follow rules and know their limit.

Take four best runners around the world, have them run with disable people to be at a specific location on time. These runners won't be able to make it on time because they are people among them, unable to run.

I say that as a modele thinking because if somebody can't run, he/she should accept to be carried in time of emergency.

Some people can't run and want to go against the best in the world.

This is what I am calling dangerous mind.

Anybody can be disable mentally, physically, socially, etc The individual must be aware of his disability in order to get help from people who know best. We're all created equally, but one needs to know its capacity.

robert magic

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Older brother Robert Magic restrain yoursefl a little...


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