So what can we do about MINUSTAH? When youu have a bunch...

Leader Official - September 26 2009, 11:38 PM

So what can we do about MINUSTAH?

When youu have a bunch Haitians so called Leaders whom last week proclaimed "VICTORY"..Guess what for?

Because Haitians people who changed their stautus to U.S citizen and those Haitians who born in U, S can now be a regular Haitians citizen without the need to fill any paper.

Besides, that just that, but many Haitians people, specially those who don't mind about they they treat them in U.S, they think that the MINUSTAH groups are the one who help Haiti from the=ose kidnapping...while for me, I see that they just played a gane with our Haiti and Haitians...for example, I beleive they are the one behind those kidnapping in attempt to show the world that without them Haiti can't be stabilized, and the Haitians people can't get along...

in another word, they started the kidnapping things, so they can prove themselves to us as, that they are the ones that putting peace in the country.

You got it?


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