Dj Connection, You said "Put this in your calender once that...

Tiba - September 28 2009, 6:22 AM

Dj Connection,

You said "Put this in your calender once that law pass allow all haitian americans to participate in the political affairs of haiti that itself is going to unfold a big fight between those who are just haitian and those who are haitian american, because, I know how haitian are the haitian american are going to perceive as the superior because they have 2 nationalies that is going to create a fiction because (haitian-american pral pran poz konnin-yo).


Are you kidding me?

I have a feeling you never travel to Haiti because if you did you would have noticed that Haitian-Americans and Haitian citizens alike who go to Haiti do display these same kind of behaviors/attitudes that you just mentioned.

Furthermore, many of those in the government who are Haitians do display these same attitudes toward their own fellow countrymen.

The Haitian elite (the most repugnant elite (MRE) as referred by the former US ambassador Foley), infact rub these attitudes on Haitian citizen faces every single day, 24/7.

Your reasons to deny dual citizenship is just pure nonesense.

Last time I checked, I was told that Rene Garcia Preval is a Belge citizen, and yet, you're okay with him being president of your beloved country of Haiti.

The president of Haiti, Rene Garcia Preval, doesn't believe in his own health care and education systems.

This is why he went to Belgium to attend school and travel to Cuba or Miami for care when he gets sick. Don't you think these signs show your president's inferiority attitudes toward his own country.

Sir DJ Connection, the failure of Haiti is not caused due to superiority attitudes of Haitian-Americans citizens or the diaspora traveling to Haiti, but rather it is caused by the incompetence and mediocrity of the leaders running your country, Haiti.

Dj Connection, understand that naturalization is not a new phenomenon, it is not a new thing.

You'll find it in the first article of the constitution of the United States and in the constitutions of a whole host of other countries.

People all over the world get naturalized every single day, and those countries are becoming more and more prosperous.

The more citizens a country has the more likelyhood for that country to progress providing the country is being governed by competent leaders with the "know-how" (le savoir faire).

I wish Haiti could give that same acknowledgment to and cherish its citizens as much as the United States do. Like Patriyot said he has lost great job opportunities for not being a US citizen.

Not just on jobs and voting privileges, but amongst many other opportunities provided ONLY to US-citizens, even to get certain student loans for college you have to be a US citizens.

And many other countries in the world do use this same approach toward their citizens.

These countries value their citizens, they put their citizens first.

And that is a model government leaders/officials in Haiti have a hard time practicing.

Haitians would naturalize less if they felt more appreciated, valued, protected by their government.

This is what you get whe your own government keep catering to foreigners like kings and queens while treating its own citizens like rejects.

P.S. When I referred to "your country", I am just being sarcastic because as a naturalized US-citizen, I love Haiti as much as any Haitian citizen.

Haiti is my birth place, my homeland that I will always cherish deepest in my heart for the rest of my life. I travel to Haiti every year and I am very involved in Haiti.

I stil have my family in Haiti.

As I said before "you can take me out of Haiti but you can't take Haiti out of me." I am Haitian and always will be. Will I get dual citizenship if the government rule in its favor, the jury is out, and the same goes for a lot of Haitian-American citizens.

I would call on those Haitians who are so adamently aginst dual citizenship to please come up with some concrete evidence/prof to make your argument, stay away from airhead talking points nonesense.

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