lets say robert magic

Kadav Vivan - March 17 2007, 12:18 AM

what you said is wrong, i respect your opinion though.

but how do you know if you cant win against the best runner if you dont try?

how do you know you cant be the best if you dont try to be the best?

well dude it does not take the best to be the best all it takes is self determination, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. we the haitian people need self determination.

like your way of thinking will make a country like haiti go backward.

what you saying is like to leave more than 50% of the haitian population behind, but guest what. it takes an educated person to read, but it doesn't need one to pull a trigger.

you dont have to have a Dc deggree to know when someone is hurting or ignoring you ok dude, forget about them they will not stay silent and take the abuse.

thinking the way you thinking will only lead to more chaos in haiti not helping it. freedom of speach is the first amendment in all democratic countries, can our people have that?

let them express themself o.k dude. pa vante si'w pa cho

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