change you can believe in

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I voted for Clinton in the primary, and for Obama in the general election.

I do not regret either vote.

It's all about the rationale behind your vote. I did not vote for change here or abroad.

One must be very puerile and naive to have thought that was going to happen.

I will not be shocked.

I voted to supposedly help propel the first Black "aux timons de affaires aux Etats Unis." Point blank.

I did not expect him to be and refuse to even consider him as a savior for Haiti.

It is a positive step for me every time he crushes Haitian expectations.

We must stop owing foreigners for false good deeds.

We must find it within ourselves to catalyze internal, indigenous change.

We must stop begging for...

Gera Bougui, September 28 2009, 7:51 PM

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